Thursday, 29 July 2010

Song of the week

This week was the first time I properly listend to the The Horrors second album- it is rather good. My overall evaluation is that- 'Primary Colours' sounds like Farris Rotter is having a sneaky affair with a synthasizer. That's not a bad thing though, the synthasizer is hot so we don't really mind. I am not trying to condone that cheating is acceptable, what I basically mean is that 'Primary Colours' is rather different from 'Strange House' I don't want to say it's calmer but there may be less 'screaming'. Before I dig myself a hole, I will say that I really really love thier first album, but when it comes to the second, I only really love it.
However, I can't get enough of 'Who Can Say'. It is my song of the week because simply, I just love it. Not only are the lyrics amazing, I really like the general sound and as for the part where Farris speaks,, phewft.

"I know these words may only serve to twist the knife...
...But I strive, to make them heard"
....Sorry if that blog sounded cheesy- I was like Fearn Cotton =/

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