Saturday, 18 August 2012

No fuss, just love

Angles by The xx is beautiful and magical and honest and fragile and I really like it. Like Warpaint, I don't know how they do it but I like how they do it. As cheesy as it sounds, Angles has made me think about love for the first time and I've realised that people, myself included, use the word love without knowing what it means. Once you begin to understand the enormity of 'love', there is really no way of explaining love, or making another believe in love. The xx seem to have somehow worked this out before me and the simplicity of the lyrics "Being as in love with you as I am" are amplified to mean as much, if not more, than a fantastical and metaphorical and huge declaration of dramatic emotion; when all of that can be conveyed in the integral word of 'love'. 'Love' is all that needs to be said because it's enough, and that's very refreshing to hear.

Hello! I am so deeply sorry to you lovely lot that read this for the lack of attention I have given my blog recently. Quite simply my life has been too exciting! I'm kidding, the only reasons I can think for neglecting this are exams, coursework, house moving, life and another blog I made in secret. When I get a chance though I really want to put more things on here so as Miranda's posh friend from Bridgette Jones would say: 'bare with'. Non the less, above is a little blog I've just gone and done :)