Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pete, his pirates and a mythical boy with thin legs

Tuesday night was excellent.
I saw Pete and The Pirates with Hannah and they were wonderful.

They played the perfect setlist (which I now own) and it not only included Cold Black Kitty but also MR. UNDERSTANDING! and a bunch of infectious and instantly loveable little songs. They were all lovely and adorable and right there infront of me with great dance moves and nice shirts and red wine and £ coins and singing about washing powder and dreams.

And then everything got even more exciting and I discovered something amazing:
MY TRENCH COAT BOY HAS A BAND (I'm really not positive it was him but let's just say it was) Basically. I saw a young male with dark brown hair dressed in black pixie boots, black skinny jeans and a navy floral shirt. He had thin legs. He was the front man of a very impressive and quite heavy band whose music resembled that of the Arctic Monkey's new releases. He had a hypnotic yet approachable stage presence and at certain periods in the performance he made an upright jabbing motion with the guitar and simultaniously, is left leg. This was a powerful movement. Not one that I shall soon forget. This person, I am roughly 70 percent sure, was my trench coat boy.

If you are unaware of whom I am discussing then the, er 'trench coat boy', is a sort of myth that I encountered months ago and blogged about who was, unsurprisingly, wearing a trench coat. I don't want to say I became obsessed with him because that's really quite bad and it didn't get that ridiculous, I'll just say I was 'enthusiastic' at the chance of walking past him again. Anyway, after a sighting in Co-op months went by I kind of forgot about it and then bam! he's in a band supporting Pete and The Pirates. If not him (which I don't really think it actually was) then he has quite a believable look-a-like and a very good, sharp voice. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011