Sunday, 23 October 2011

'Jumping Someone Else's Train'

I am reading someone else's newspaper through the gap of the chairs infront. The person next to me is wearing too much man perfume. I am paranoid encase he can read this. He is also reading the other person's newspaper, but in a less discreet way. He must think this is a very long text. I feel myself go quite red. It's a bit selfish that I never send these to anyone. My Ipod has been playing a lot of Cure songs today, as I listen to Lovecats Katie texts me from the other seat to say hello. I appreciate it but don't reply. If the man next to me could read this I wonder what he would think. I can see the reflection of the person in front's Ipad as we go through a tunnel. I am not implying anything by writing this down, I am merely observing what is going on around me. I can hear Rachael laugh from the table seat. I love how you can distinguish people from the sound of their laughter, even if you don't hear them laugh very often.

That was written on my way to London on an English trip but the photo is of Emily on the way back from our Art trip to Edinburgh. I will blog more about both after watching Autumnwatch.

This House Is A Circus

In preparation for making a house of sin in art I re-discovered my doll house and Tabby loved it, what a cutie. If there's anything I love more than The Cure it's Tabbitha. The other one I'm not so keen on. He's a beast. We've called him Midnight but I prefer Roger Black, he's not ours but sneaks in all cunning and viscous then makes his eyes go cute. He's honestly a wild animal and we really don't get on with each other. Him and Tabby used to have a bit of a thing but she saw sense and came back to me. I'm gonna stop adhering to the insane stereotype of a crazy cat lady and watch Autumnwatch. Chris Packham is my new thing, what a man.