Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bolam Lake fun

I never really spend much time in college due to their increasing encouragement of coffee breaks and early finishes. Alas with my spare time I choose to go otter spotting and swan watching with my mum - like a true 18 year old student would. This most recent trip to Bolam Lake was possibly one of my most enjoyable experiences there, after the many yeti hunting adventures of my childhood of course. I seem to have also been taking a lot of photos of swan's recently, as these recent blog posts prove.


I will do anything for you
  I won't lie
  I won’t fight
  I won’t do anything

This is a quote from a greedy kid on the bus who sat on his mum and rolled on the floor cause she wouldn't buy him a toy, poor lady.

If we lived together
as one,
always side by side.
Would my smell become yours,
and yours mine?


I love this morning

The air

The windows

The dying rain.

I love this morning.


Water's a very interesting thing to photograph cause in a moment it can look completely different. Something as simple as sunlight can completely change the colour of water from deep blue to sparkling black and movement within the water can define the mood of an image. With this contrast in mind, after a confusing debarcle with teacher Elaine, I chose the last three pictures for my final piece as they are my favourites and I love the depth in the water shots. I positioned the swan in the centre of the card, so it was mirrored by water.  


Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Just as I had decided that college was pants and that I was OK with that, we started photography.
 I was exploring traces of natural elements, with focus on nature, water and light, so I took myself of on a walk in the sunshine and met some nice ducks and talked to some men about fish and had a lovely day. These aren't all the images and I feel uncomfortable putting the chosen ones in the same post as they look all uncorrelated and disorganised, so I'm just splitting them up across the blog, hope you like :) 
Clouds race birds across the sky.

Up here I am just a part of the city.