Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Eduardo Recife

I thoroughly like these types of collages. I've never done any like this before but definitely will do. All (proper) collages are simply cutting and sticking but I love how every one in the world is different and can be done differently, these ones for example I think are lovely. I'm gonna try and do some like Eduardo's and make one permanently at the top of the blog, a header or something I think they call it. Speaking of collages (again) here I am mentioned on 6music at 37.32 minutes - highlight of my day! especially when seeing someone I know yesterday, said they heard it   =)

She Is The New Thing

Melanie Laurent. I discovered her in the new film Beginners which is absolutely beautiful and has a lovely dog and I would strongly recommend seeing because it's hilarious and wonderful. This post lacks depth and meaning, I know, but I'm sleepy and covered in superglue from collaging my mannequin, the window cleaner just enquired into that. He was no doubt confused to see a life size doll covered in bottle tops, mirrors and Lego. x

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My obsessive tendancies have reached new levels

I missed Huey Morgan's 6Music show so much that when running to the radio in anticipation I caught my foot in my pyjama bottoms and went flying. Limbs all over the place. It was such a blur I'm not even sure what happened. Now my little toe's gone fat and the nail is dark purple. It was worth it though cause he read out my text and although pronouncing my name Lona he said 'keep that pinky elevated grrl' It all kicks off with Stevie Nicks from 37.40 then it's talk of Destiny's Child and me untill 38.13 WOOOH!