Sunday, 20 March 2011

What Is Art?


First of all my Sunday kick started with a lovely bit of Huey Morgan on 6 Music, never has there been such a cool. smooth talking DJ that can flip from one music genre to another and make it work whilst saying 'Ladies and Gentlemen' I actually adore him. And then I went for a sea side walk and found this superman graffiti so sort of re-enacted the pose and well, the photo's speak for themselves really - I look like a lunatic.

So anyway, next to that it said 'every town needs a hero' then along the same wall there was a big painted sentence saying 'I don't think you've got the patience!'. When what's written is as powerful and thought provoking as that and not written on someone's property, I don't see how it can be classed as vandalism because it hasn't been done out of boredom or disrespect, it's been done with emotion and talent.


Over-doing the head tilt a bit there. Anyway, I spotted the next piece of writing above a bench inside a sandcastle shaped statue thing and just thought it would be a really lovely way of ending this post, and of ending Sunday. I hope you all liked what I've put on here today and also had a nice weekend, good night x


Yesterday was my defenition of a perfect day. It was all sunny when I was taking the photo's of Katie then I went to the Hancock Museum with Elizabeth to take photo's of stuffed parrots for my art project, we got a Gregg's, watched some irish dancing going on at The Monument then met George to watch Submarine at The Tyneside Cinema...

We all agreed it's like british Amelie - which is a wonderful thing! It's gorgeous and hillarious and now one of my favourite films. Everyone in it is beautiful but in a natural and refreshing way, genuinly every scene could be a still image. There's duffle coats, there's Welsh accents, there's Polaroid cameras and to top it all off Alex Turner went and did the entire soundtrack! His songs are lovely and the softness of his voice really compliments the parts of the film where they're used. Submarine's definately worth the hype and I would reccoment seeing it :)

What er, 'Katie did next'...

I've been hanging around dilapidated building's again.
This time in the name of media coursework, I dressed Katie Macavelia up as Courtney Love for a feature in my music magazine. Not a proper magazine though just like 4 pages but I'm already starting to believe I'm a genuine editor and I'll probably never be able to read Q in the same way because I analysed it so much. Non the less, here are the photo's. I took loads cause Katie was inspirationaly adaptable and there were loads of different sections of the building site and there's also quite a lot of sides to Courtney Love. I hope you like them cause after considering becoming zoo owner or children's TV presenters we're now thinking of kick starting some sort of photo/ model business!