Sunday, 20 March 2011


First of all my Sunday kick started with a lovely bit of Huey Morgan on 6 Music, never has there been such a cool. smooth talking DJ that can flip from one music genre to another and make it work whilst saying 'Ladies and Gentlemen' I actually adore him. And then I went for a sea side walk and found this superman graffiti so sort of re-enacted the pose and well, the photo's speak for themselves really - I look like a lunatic.

So anyway, next to that it said 'every town needs a hero' then along the same wall there was a big painted sentence saying 'I don't think you've got the patience!'. When what's written is as powerful and thought provoking as that and not written on someone's property, I don't see how it can be classed as vandalism because it hasn't been done out of boredom or disrespect, it's been done with emotion and talent.


Over-doing the head tilt a bit there. Anyway, I spotted the next piece of writing above a bench inside a sandcastle shaped statue thing and just thought it would be a really lovely way of ending this post, and of ending Sunday. I hope you all liked what I've put on here today and also had a nice weekend, good night x

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