Friday, 3 December 2010

I touched a Libertine

As promised, this blog will have capital letters and, after finding a spell checker, shall hopefully be slightly more understandable, although severely delayed (writing it whilst dressed in a Libertines t-shirt seems fitting) I even changed the font for this, basically "One night in October" I...
stroked a Libertines face!
& felt a Dirty Pretty Thing's chest!
me and Carl Barat held hands!
With such fantastic music and frequent body contact it's a medical marvel that I'm still alive to tell the tale.
I know stroking a strangers face is probably wrong and unnerving- possibly even illegal, but when such a musician is using your hand to lean into the crowd behind you- there is an over powering incentive to take advantage of opportunity!

On the 20th of two months ago I not only saw some of my favourite Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things songs live- from against the barrier! but I saw some of the most important and sentimentally energizing and influential songs, that the British music culture today has ever been lucky and privileged enough to witness and become a religious-like part of, since the days of The Smiths and The Jam. Not only are their songs painfully truthful and frighteningly necessary, their intense shambling closeness enables The Libertines to embody a truly beautiful chaos of mess and talent.

^Unfortunately I didn't take that photo, but I did witness one of the most glorious setlists since Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists and Maximo Park, it almost palpitated my heart to a cardiac arrest, so I wrote the best songs in the shape of a pyramid...
Up The Bracket
Time For Heroes
Death On The Stairs
Bang Bang Your Dead
The Man Who Would be King
Don't Look Back Into The Sun

Holy Jesus, did it half make me happy!

Thank heavens I did have a barrier to cling onto because at times the perfection of "Wednesday night's magnolia celebration" almost became too much to bare when Carl unzipped his leather jacket, whipped off his shirt to reveal a vest that unveiled his hand written Libertine tattoo whilst beginning 'Death on the Stairs' as the audience sang "There's only one Carlos Barat, walking in a Barat wonderland" -odd but non the less...

When you think about it, The Libertines are like smashed glass, I know that sounds peculiar but they are both dangerous, edgy and broken yet equally sharp, unignorable and glistening.

Although mesmerisingly memorable and special Carl on his own (still giving it his all) was not the same without Pete, Gary and John. The Libertines songs are written as The Libertines and for The Libertines, they're like a compound so when one of them is up there all isolated it seems a bit upsetting and lonely.

I will still be forever grateful though because it may be the closest I get without fingers crossed at some sort of miraculous Reading and Leeds sequel, as with The Cure...
Not to leave on a dull note though because it's snowing outside, Carl was fantastic, we will always have the music to listen to and lets just cherish the rekindled friendship between him and Pete.

Really, how much you love a band cannot be judged on how many times you've seen them or not even how many of their albums you have because they are both material things that cost money, the main important thing is how their songs make you feel, because that is personal and it's what will always last with you. I will get over The Cure and The Libertines and Foo Fighters with time because I can't let greed over shadow the music.

Spell checkers are just upsetting.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

jvbfjbvfjbv The Cure...

hello, this is simply copy and pasted from a quick message i put on the cure's facebook, as you do, i am aware there are no capital letters- which is alot easier to write, but terrible to read so i'm really sorry but i promise the next blogs will be more punctually correct...

words cannot express the way the cure's music makes me feel, the lyrics and the rythm flourish emotions within me i never knew sound or words could produce. my relationship with thier songs was love at first listen and ever since that discovery my respect, understanding and admiration towards the cure has simply increased, no other band can come close to them in my opinion and everytime i listen which is usually everyday, the songs produce images in my mind and feeling in my heart. the cure alone have got me through the most difficult times in my life and without them i would feel totaly lost. i know for a fact that i am not the only one who thinks this so when i heard about them headlining bestival i am not afraid to say that i cried and my cheeks are still damp now. i was crying because words fail to describe how happy the news made me feel- the cure live would be magic, it would be a dream because their music is- the realisation then hit me that i, and i'm sure alot of others, will not be able to afford tickets. in this world of disaster we all need something to look forward to, happiness and redemption to keep us going but because of wealthy privaledge that can get ripped away. i am aware this sounds like winging and i know there is nothing that can come out from this comment but little else than the cure has allowed me to feel so much emotion before and i just pray that this message can somehow reach some one that could try and make a difference or atleast understand. after a multitude of dissapointments and struggle my (and other people's) ema will stop next year, i don't have time for a job- i shouldn't need to make time for a job, basically there is almost no chance i will be able to go and i'm beginning to see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity, that i and others will miss- due to money. this is ridiculous. when did it become ok for money to destroy opportunity and more importantly allow boundries into music?
that may have been similar in parts to my first cure blog and sorry also if i sounded greedy and that it was written in a huge chunk but judging by the context i think you can guess i'm feeling a tad emotional, i also have been meaning to write several blogs since october and it's now practically christams but i'm quite sleepy and want some warm black currant so night night x