Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Money Can't Buy Me Love

It's impossible to be unhappy when listening to The Beatles plus there's just there's something adorably loveable about Paul McCartney's face. I love this song because it makes me smile and the message is universal, money can't buy the most important things in life.

Enclose the postcard of a painting

No matter how unusual some of Paul Smith's tweets may be and no matter how often I may sometimes choose to listen to others above Maximo Park, I will always love 'Postcard Of A Painting' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amFiGPdpZLs
There is an urgent beauty and splendour to it that just embodies all the reasons I love Maximo Park. There really is something about it, it seems to fill me with reminiscence and feeling and memory even though I don't really know what the memories are. It surely makes me feel lucky to have finally flipping seen them!

Monday, 21 February 2011

"A lady with two hair clips and an anorak"

Yesterday I went to a lovely little market at the Star and Shadow cinema. I always feel tremendously guilty after I buy anything or spend any amount of money though, then I realised that I barely ever do because I work all the time so I guess I deserve to raid vintage stalls, sushi bars and chip shops if I ever feel the need. Plus I allways buy things within reason that I've wanted for years, such as this Robert Smith/ Horrors/ Johny Marr/ Morrissey inspired floral blouse affair...




Buying that shirt was a genuine fashion milestone in my life - not only was it my first proper designer garment but it was also the first item that I ever bargained down to a lower price! So the two combined - Jesus, I felt like Superwomen! After eyeing it up, talking to somebody confused who didn't even own that stall (resulting in the quoted title), leaving the building, returning, interrupting a phone call then trying the shirt on in a toilet I somehow managed to reduce £20 Dolce and Gabbana to £15. Meeeeep! I then found some sort of fantastic, 80's, sparkly jumper thingy for a tenner and a magical, gothicy, dark, witchy, xx type dress for £8 It was my lucky day!



Goodness those photo's really highlight how much my hair has faded! I want to dye it red again but after looking at old photo's I also want it back to blonde and possibly a middle parting or full fringe. At one point I also wanted to shave some of the side off and I still think I want a perm. Plus Keith Murray inspired me even more to want to dye my hair grey, possibly with a bit of pale blue as well, ooh and purple, maybe all purple, or pink. Alexa Chung's looks lovely dark brown at the top then fading to lighter near the end too, I even considered a bob, or just a multicoloured rainbow strip. At the same time I just want it the way it is, I think my imagination has overdosed.
I need to calm down and watch My So Called Life. That will probably inspire me even more actually, I'll end up going for a grunge look or getting a Ricky quiff. Quiff? that's not a bad idea actually... although with my ridiculous baby fringe thing it would be a shocker!