Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Rakes

"Two fingers up at those who won't miss us when we pass away"
I really cannot begin to express how much I have fallen in love with The Rakes.
If anyone doesn't know of them [I am aware my only follower atm is my mum but you know, it's early days...] anyway, they are a- in my humble opinion, wonderful, band from London with 3 albums who split in 2009 because they believed in giving: "100% to every gig. If they can’t give it everything then they won’t do it" [I think that's possibly the best reason for a split ever] As Courtney Love said about Kurt Cobain "It's better to burn out than to fade away" To me, The Rakes haven't faded away [and neither has Kurt] because I listen to them all the time and I completely adore them so I decided to write yet another musical essay. Lordy I'm on a roll! Watch out NME ...not reallyy :)

For me, The Rakes bring a clear understanding, a humorous importance and an honest meaning to situations that everybody can relate to. Whether that's getting on the tube for work, seeing 'When Tom Cruise Cries' in a film or waking up in someone else's bed. The lyrics are so true that they make me wonder how I, or anyone else, hadn't thought of them before. Then I realise it's because nobody else could phrase such real feelings and events in the deep, penetrative and visual way that they do. It's as if they can see into the soul of every typical smoker or party goer because deep down, they want the same as all of us.
Essentially, The Rakes are able to portray the emotions of not just themselves, not just the characters they sing about but also the people listening to their music. They mean every single last word and they play every single last guitar chord as if it's their last and they time every single last drum beat as if their life depends on it.
* This is where it get's overly cheesy and I sound like I'm comparing poems for an English exam... *
Similar to The Cure, most of The Rakes songs share an ongoing theme, yet each one is completed to a high standard of difference and forbidden beauty. Each song compliments the previous one in an urgent style leaving you instantly wanting more yet this is accomplished without once using the word 'love'.
And on a final note- "The world was a mess but his hair was perfect"

"Let's make the most of it- the time we've got together.
Quit all the secrets that are choking up your heart
and tearing all the light from the stars.
I say forever, and you just say whatever
but if you feel how i feel, then we'd stay together"

I would have posted a link for that video but it includes the word 'love'
which totally contradicts what I said in the 'essay conclusion' ...deary me

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