Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Cure and life. A devine message.

There are some moments in life that seem too perfect and gargantuan and enormous and super to ever possibly be real. But they are. You may not believe it. You may not ever believe it. But they wouldn't happen if you couldn't handle it. Life brings you moments like this as a test. A reward. A challenge. An experience. You just have to be happy for it. It may be tough. Worrying. Overpowering. But it has been made for you. Just you. Your prayers have been answered and your wishes granted. So say thank you. For moments so incredible they may seem hazy and difficult to believe, but they wouldn't happen if you weren't somehow ready. This is the time. The time will never feel right. You will never be ready. But that doesn't mean you can't try. You just have to go and do it. You may not believe it at the time. You may not believe it once it's happened. You may never believe it. But in the moment it happens, nothing could be more real. In the moment that all you have waited for. All you have wished for. All you have hoped for. In the moment you dreams present themselves to you, in the form of reality, that moment will be life. It will be real. And it will be worth everything. You cannot control your feeling before and after but in the real moment, everything will work out they way you dreamt. 

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