Sunday, 27 May 2012

There was a fancy affair at The Tyneside Cinema a while back in celebration of our media coursework finally getting done. All our videos were shown and there were even awards given (we won Best Mise en Scene wooooooh!) there were nibbles and jokes and families and it was so wonderful. A truly emotional and fantastic celebration of our work. One of the greatest experiences of my entire life and one I hope to never forget. The stressful demands that media brought was ridiculous but I've ended up liking our video, which is good! The work I spent long, strenuous months drafting, planning, creating, filming, editing, analysing and evaluating was recognised and awarded and screened to an audience in a cinema that has shown my favourite film (Amelie) and welcomed the presence of a man who has worked with my favourite musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees member who worked with Robert Smith) and I hope to be eternally grateful and proud of such an opportunity. It was such a special night and has even unleashed some kind of inner emotions I never knew I had! Here's the video we did for The Futureheads' Sun Goes Down, I hope you lot enjoy watching it more than we did making it!

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