Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I'll avoid an obvious Smiths pun here and just say that I dreamt I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers the other night. John Frusciante somehow managed to walk across the audiences' heads to climb down me and hold my hand. The entire situation was in slow motion to enhance the romance like in S Club 7 in L.A when Jon finds that blonde girl at the prom (yeah, I'm a big fan) It was quite beautiful and the crowd circled around us. John was a lot shorter than I expected and was wearing quite an odd sun hat but that wasn't important at the time. Anthony on the other hand was prancing about in just pink fish net tights and a studded belt then went back stage to share a hammock with Keith Murray off of We Are Scientists. Next thing I was introducing Thom Yorke to Wagner for a space hopper competition. What's most peculiar about these dream scenarios is that they're not that dis-similar from my normal thoughts when awake. And then in real life I discover RHCP are playing in the UK woooooooooooop!! If only Frusciante was still in the band my dream may very well have come true, I can still hope though.


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