Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Happy Tuesday! I couldn't think of an interesting blog title so just shuffled my I-pod and hey! Whilst watching the Brits I'm going to ramble on about the Isle Of Wight line up because it's bloody fantastic! With such a massive amount of superb people, it would probably just stress me out if I didn't see them all and it would kind of ruin the festival experience but non-the-less, here's some photo's of and a few words about my favourite performers on the list...

Kings Of Leon

"If sex had a voice it would be Caleb Followhill" Think I agree with that.
Yeah they got a hair cut and some new clothes and wrote arena fillers but if they did stay the same as Aha Shake Heartbreak they would get insulted for that too, personally I still adore them and still think they have original talent.

Foo Fighters

To see Foo Fighters would be the closest thing to seeing Nirvana which would just be the hugest thing ever. Obviously it's not the same, nothing and no-one could ever come close to Kurt Cobain but Dave Grohl and Taylor  Hawkins are still quite special and there's something about Everlong that's just magical.

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum & Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno.
Kasabian are electrifying and energizing and friends with Oasis and The Mighty Boosh. That's all I have to say.


If I even try to think about Pulp or Jarvis Cocker my body doesn't seem to handle it, right now my throat actually hurts, my left eye just twitched and my little toe's itchy. I can't discuss my love for them. 

Manic Street Preachers

I see Manic Street Preachers as a very important band who aren't afraid to sing about the honest problems in the word that effect all of us and that's what we need right now just as much as we did when they first came about with Richey.

Two Door Cinema Club

I only know one song but I love it, it sounds fun and catchy and they have a nice selection of photographs
The Courteeners

Well I've heard Liam Fray's a bit up himself and they seem to love them selves too much but to be honest I can sort of see why because I could happily listen to St Jude on repeat almost regularly. It's northern, angsty, passionate, true, cocky, loud, rhythmic, cahotic, fantastic to sing along to and just great.

Iggy and the Stooges

Whether you love him or hate him , think he's amazing or embarrassing, think he's beautiful and sensual or ugly and repulsive, there's no denying that Iggy Pop is an eccentric and interesting character, a legend even. There's only one like him and if he's alright for Kurt Cobain and Noel Fielding then he's alright for me, let's just not mention the car insurance advert...

The Vaccines

They seem to be causing a lot of fuss these guys, it's exciting really and if Johnny Marr gives them the OK then Jesus! they've got to be worth it. So far I think they are worth it, I think they're pretty great actually I just hope they don't do a Florence or a Mumford and go all commercialized losing the original idea and stuff.

We Are Scientists

I developed such an unhealthy obsession for these beautifully talented men that I spent my spare time looking at over 100 photo's of them and intensely reading Keith Murray's guide to love and romance without seeing a problem. My stalking reached all new levels and within weeks of hearing Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt I had all 3 albums, a ticket to see them and a deep crush on every member. Although I've calmed myself down nothings really changed and I still adore them. I would mainly recommend a listen to With Love and Squalor but really, Barbara is wonderful too and with time, so is Brain Thrust Mastery plus they've toured with Arctic Monkeys! I really don't think I could handle that.

I'll return with a proper blog just about We Are Scientists and hopefully with blogs about other stuff like Red Hot Chili Peppers and fashiony things as well cause I have so many ideas, good night for now x

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