Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Disintegration Dress

Lovely little Cure reference there, the following photo's also reminded me of these Cure lyrics too...
"Don't stare, I know the dress is tight but it's all I had to wear"
Oh Robert Smith I love you! yeah some may not get my obsession but it has reached hole new levels and I now think I want to dedicate some sort of art project towards him, The Cure are my number 1 and good old Rob may be the love of my life...

Aaanyway, this blog (that was meant to be sorted out many, many moons ago) sadly isn't about The Cure they just seem to infest my every thought- I may even begin a blog simply dedicated to them...

Right, back in focus, these are some photos I took in a local demolition sight for my A level art work. There's is a fair few of them but I'm genuinely very pleased with em so thought I would just go for it and upload several of my favourites. I will include a few snippets of facts in between some and I very much hope you enjoy looking, thanks :)

To think, I've only worn this dress once and it's main public airing was in a building site.
Really, the reason I did it was because of Tim Walker, my other hero.
He has previously photographed dresses in a tree so I sort of copied then 'one thing led to another' as they say and I 'branched out' hey! no. anyway, into urban decay and stuff.
I sort of did it to prove a point about the dark side of fashion, like all the stress, and pressure and doubt etc.
As if the cracks in the paint symbolize failure and low self esteem as well as contrasting with the perfection of the dress...

I like the focus of size labels on some of the hanger pictures 'cause they could demonstrate equality and acceptance within the image of the fashion industry and the shape of models etc, at least I hope they could show acceptance but non-the-less, I drew that third one for my final piece and due to three years of non-stop art, it sort of completely made my neck malfunction. There was like a trapped nerve/ shooting pain/ strained muscle or something cause I'd been looking down drawing for, well, ever so I got myself an endless amount of cheerios, another Beatles CD, some Cocodamol and a massive flip chart paper easel thing then all was well again Carrying on, here's some more photos...

And finallyy, I'm rather happy to say that I made and designed that last dress above for my GSCE textiles, oh Miss Chapman should be proud!
Hope whoever you are that reads these rambles or just looks at the weird pictures enjoyed these most recent rambles and pictures x

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