Monday, 11 October 2010

Bridges/ Bricks/ Buildings/ Booze: My photos of Newcastle

Happy October! It's the month with conkers, leaves and knitted scarves <3

I know those photo's made me look like an escaped patient but hey [you should have noticed by now, I'm a bit odd] to celobrate autumn [and the release of Paul Smith's solo and album/ Polaroid book- it's basically national Paul Smith day- which only increases my existing obsession] are some pictures I took in town on Saturday (after getting my We Are Scientists ticket!)
They aren't amazing or anything, all of  sudden I just realised how much I love Newcastle, so felt the need to photograph it =)

For anyone who knows me, or has read the previous blog, I think the not so hidden meaning of the picture below, may be rather clear [This may not be believable but I didn't write that]

Now might be a nice time to point out that Kasabian love Newcastle


The next two pictures pretty much some up Newcastle perfectly: alcohol and architecture


Hope you (3 followers) all had a happy 10/10/10 10.10 thingy with all the 10's...
Anyway,, I'm off to see Corrine Bailey Rae for.. freee!! we won a competition =D

Have a nice monday x

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