Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I've seen Maximo Park!

It was absolute magic.
(I will apologize now- mainly to Elizabeth Walshaw- for writing such a ridiculously obsessive and ludicrously lengthy and embarrasing ramble.) Also- this is largely dedicated to Laura Black and Paul Smith <3

Scissor kicks/ star jumps/ screams/ special songs/ skinny jeans... dear Maximo Park: I am forever gratefull.
Everyone has a thing, that like defines them as a human being: Ross from friends has dinosours, Ant has Dec, salt's thing is vinegar... I think mine is Maximo Park. As cheesy as this, and the entire blog sounds, thier music makes me feel and it makes me understand. I can hear Roller Disco Dreams in my chest, Postcard of a Painting just sings straight to my heart and By The Monument is like a beautiful "secret shared" between them and the residants of Newcastle, so when they played it: Holy Jesus!

The set list (which was infront of me!) was an utter dream that I never thought would come true:
By The Monument
Books From Boxes
I Want You To Stay
Good greif! they just speak to me. It's difficult not to fall in love with them when Paul Smith litterally sings his soul till tears tell the most moving and respectable truth, whilst the music is like an extra icing and sprinkle of unignorable power and meaning that can physicly be felt rushing through the body. Phewft- all I have ever wanted in life was to witness those fantastic and emotional songs live- but I never let myself believe that I actually would! And now look what was directly infront of me!..

The gig really was as if Paul Smith and Lucas Wooller had radioactive mega voult electricity pumping through them at a dangerously, life threateningly exciting level and I cannot explain how mesmerising and incredible and attractive it was to behold! From jumping/ hopping/ standing on and dropping keyboards to bouncing/dancing/running/leaping/gyrating singing, it was just energizing and remarkable!

"When you lie on my bed and you label me your friend- don't you know how much that hurts?" during Girls Who Play Guitars was just the most anticipated pinical of my existance. Graffiti, Going Missing and Apply Some Pressure, more importantly, Limassol can only be described by this live quote "The reason we like to chat between songs is because we aren't just another band who come on, play some songs and are like 'whatever' We are Maximo Park and this is what we do!" And I can finally say: I've seen them!

I never thought I would say this- esspecially bearing in mind the times I've cried and prayed and missed out over the six years of waiting. As well as the 4 painful hours spent circling Sunderland in the rain, trying to find the venue, which resulted in dissapointment and alltogehter 5 more uncomfortable drives over the bridge, repeating the instrucions "Second left on the next roundabout towards the A1232" till I practicly chanted it to get to sleep and no longer needed to read the directions.

Ooh and not to mention, when I thought I saw Paul Smith in Ikea! I hung around the spoon section for a lot longer than necessary just to embarras myself infront of a rather good looking stranger, then get evacuated due to a suspected fire risk so went to Topshop and bought some sequined floral hotpants, it was an eventful day that I'll never forget.. [I later wrote the story in breif on the back of a poster saying simply 'Love You', then broke infront of the barrier and clambered over sound equiptment to deleiver] aanyway, after all that hooha, I think those ridiculous and unhealthily obsessed years of rather impatient waiting were actually- worth it.

To see them is pretty much all I've ever wished for in life, and when the sureal and overwhelming blur of lucky and perfect disbeleif leaves me for breif and over joyously exctatic moments- it just hits me that I have! And I really cannot controll myself, or my emotions and limbs for that matter. This isn't a joke: I am complete now. I woke up feeling as if I no longer need to achieve anything else in life because my one dream has now been acomplished perfectly. OK I may have took that a little too far there but seriously I felt and feel so happy.

I allmost included a ridiculous speech in this blog where I turned all spiritual and thank full and allmost religious as if I was dying or something, talking about patience and maturity and dreams coming true blahdy blah then realised it was probably best to keep that insanity inside the diary- esspecially cause the rest of this is ludicrously mad enough allready- so instead I will round this off by saying the gig was perfect and captivating and energizing and superlatively uncomparisonable. Allmost better than I could have imagined. Thank you


  1. I love this blog so much! It makes me laugh & nearly cry! I'm so, so glad you finally got to see them - and what an amazing gig it was!!

    But the road was A1231, not A1232 - so maybe that's why it took us nearly 5 hours of driving round and round and we still couldn't find the place!! The A1232 is at the other end of the country! xx

  2. Well,what can I say?By gum - 6 years waiting to see Maximo....I waited 10 months,equally praying and yearning like you did.
    I finally saw them in June 2006 at the Vinyl Factory in London.Paul looked indescribable,even though I could only see him from the neck up as I was standing at the back of the venue!!! Since then I have seen MP 6 times,and followed them since 2005.
    Your review is sparkling!thank you for sharing the joy and Maximo love.They are a unique band and deserve far more recognition,as they are too modest. Watch out for Paul Smith's solo album though,it'll be beautiful.

  3. Aw I'm practically in tears! Can't agree more- Paul is a fantastic man and Maximo Park are just wonderful :) Thank you so so much! [for returning the joy] Margins should be a delight