Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Radiohead, again

Hello, Bouquet of Barbed Wire was amazing last night! basically the pretty posh girl's dad arranged for her husband (the attractive creep with stuble) to get stabbed in the back with some kitchen scissors and there were more wierd affairs and more talk of someone mysterious called Paula...

But more importantly, I just listened to a thingy about Radiohead, allthough I'm aware of my tendencies to obsess over things then blog about them in a slightly cheesy way, I also think I've mentioned things similar to this before but Radiohead's music is just like being hit by a huge wave of emotion and meaning that I can't even describe or understand.
Esspecially when Thom Yorke says things as beautiful this: "I cried when I heard 'There There'. Blubbed my eyes out for ages, I just thought it was the best thing we had ever done"
And as for Jigsaw Falling Into Place... well,, it's magic.

I know that similar to the other Radiohead blog, my photo (this time of a pretty cieling) has no corrolation to what I was on about but nevermind, I'm going to watch This Is England now =)

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