Monday, 13 September 2010

Fashion Mistakes

Hello =) Sorry I haven't written a blog in aages! Basically, I bought some leapord print tights. It was most probably a rather large mistake.

The words leapord and print instantly scream either charv or wrong so the purchase was definitely a risk, hopefully if I wear them with converse or brogues it will look better than a tracksuit top and a luminous pink vest. Not that I have anything personal against chavs, joggers are very comfy in the privacy of your own home and I have seen one put litter in the bin before, which was quite beautiful,
I just can't properly focus because Boquet of Barbed Wire starts in roughly 3 minutes- I recorded one episode because the name was intriguing. To be fair it's sort of strange but god I'm completetly hooked... right, It's on, I'll finish this later, but here are my tights again... bye x

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