Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lyrics/ Photos of the day

I'm starting to really love Placebo, the singers voice is remarkable 'cause it has such a distinctively unique sound, I've only listened to the 'Meds' album a few times but think it's incredibly thrashy yet equally heartfelt and the lyrics are brilliant. This one from 'Drag' came across as someting that is very, very nice:
"I just gotta get off my chest, that I think you’re divine. You’re always ahead of the rest, while I drag behind"

Radiohead- I absolutetly love them- lots and lots. I know this might sound cheesy but I think they're music is completly mesmerising and simply gorgeous but it's also edgy and really powerful. I need to talk about they're 'In Rainbows' album- even though I don't own all the albums in the world and ashamingly, the only other Radiohead one's I have listened to are the Greatest Hit's and a little bit of Ok Computer [I also haven't really thought about any other albums to include in this- beacuse there are far too many wonderful ones] so I am totally biased, and I need to listen to more Radiohead but personally, I just think it has to be one of the best albums in the world. I manage to love it more and more everytime I only hear one song from it- probably because every single one is completetly beautiful. [The lovely begininng of Reckoner, the wonderful lyrics to All I Need and really just all of Jigsaw Falling Into Place]
The only way the album can be given justice and be explained to someone who hasn't heard it, is if they just sit down and really listen to it, because it will be worth it. Here is a lovely line from Videotape...
"You're my centre when I spin away"    

These photos I took have absolutetly no corralation with what I was talking about what-so-ever, I just thought they made the blog look prettier than if there was nothing there =)

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