Saturday, 7 August 2010

About a Boy

I saw someone wearing a cream trench coat! It was beautiful. I don't know if I was happier about that or the fact that a resident of Whitley Bay wasn't just dressed in leggings and a vest! After that incident all I've thought about is how much I love trench coats, acctually, I would say it was more of a mac [if there's that much of a difference] ...he was like a walking Burberry advert, but indie! To be honest his hair was amazing aswell, perhaps the best I've ever seen. I think I might be a bit in love- his coat blew me away as much as it drew me in <3

...& then a few days later [5 to be precise] this mystery boy struck again! This time in Co-Op. I didn't think it possible but he somehow managed to look even better- this time he was wearing skinny jeans, black pointy shoes [somehow a medium between brouges and boots- I know: amazing!] and a lovely navy blue jacket [I've convinced myself it was similar to those of The Libertines] anyway he was buying humous and doritos. All I can say is oooft.

And now these lovely coats won't stop following me and I managed to find one in H&M for £30, here I comee! well, if I have money. Anyway, I ended up making a collage because Vogue was practically full of pictures of em!

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  1. 'his coat blew me away as much as it drew me in' ~ I love this! x